Officially Announcing The Launch of Sneakersfinder

Updated: Feb 17

With the growing awareness of classic football boots reseller Bootsfinder, we thought as a brand and also the global demand for trainers/sneakers, it was time to set up in another market. So essentially, Bootsfinder is creating an 'Off Pitch' market place so that you can stay iconic on and off the pitch. For further information about Sneakersfinder be sure to check out the website and also read below.

Selling Classic and Collectible Sneakers

Sneakersfinder specialises in finding the rarest and most collectible sneakers around the world. We supply classic, dead stock and limited edition Sneakers to enthusiasts of all levels. We take great pride in our products and make sure that they pass all authenticity checks, ready to be dispatched to your door. We will sell a range of products some of which you can see below:

Nike Air Jordan 1

The Nike Air Jordan 1 are one of our personal favorites to buy and sell. Everyday, we continue to grow our stock so that we can supply as many customers as possible. Feel free to shop our Jordan collection which includes:

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 lows

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Mids

  • Nike Air Jordan 1 Highs

  • Other Jordan's such as SE (Special edition) and more!

Introducing Yeezy, Nike Dunk and More!

As we establish a greater foothold in the market we will also look to gather a wider range of brands and products such as the Yeezy 350. So if you'd like to stay updated with our stock and any upcoming releases be sure to subscribe to our mailing list here for future updates.

Thank you for reading our first blog!

Stay classy.

The Sneakersfinder team

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